Monday, August 27, 2007

CAFE GANADORES: Cagayan de Oro City's New Coffee Icon

We Filipinos love our coffee. There's is nothing more fulfilling than a good cup of coffee after a hard days’ work, celebrating an accomplishment or simply “pampering” ourselves. But what if coffee is taken to another level?

Cafe GanadoresCagayan de Oro City’s new coffee icon – opens today. It is located on Vamenta Blvd. in Carmen next to the Shell Station.

Try their Cappuccino – coffee at it’s finest. Or if you like your coffee frozen, I would recommend Coffee Hazelnut. There are lots of choices to tickle your senses. Their signature liquored coffee is to die for. They have La Brisa, La Primavera and El Verano – the names are so intriguing, I would want to try them all!

There are also non-caffein beverages on the menu for the non-coffee drinkers. The Strawberry Pleasure, Banana Bliss and others. The names alone is enough to make you feel refreshed and pampered.

There is almost a homey feel to Café Ganadores’ ambiance. The décor is simple but classy. The chairs are specially made for the shop and check out the coffee bean lighting on the ceiling. All in all, Café Ganadores is very relaxing and a great place to do your casual business meetings, meet a client, hang around with your buddies, bond with your family or just simply be yourself – and it’s all best enjoyed with the best coffee at Café Ganadores.

Check them out: Café Ganadores on Vamenta Blvd.


Reyville of Simply Manila said...

I hope you'll update your blog more often! Let CDO be heard!

EoNe said...

i first heard about cagayan de oro...from the T-Shirt that my friend colour ;)

Anonymous said...

im living in cdo